Fresh Kumamoto Oysters(2 lbs)



Affectionately called “Kumies” by those in the know, petite-yet-flavorful Kumamoto Oysters are consistently one of the most popular oysters in the U.S. The best Kumamotos are typically found at oyster bars along the western seaboard. But now, you can experience first-class Kumies no matter where you live, whenever you want. World Port Seafood’s commitment to quality sourcing and guaranteed-fresh overnight delivery makes it possible.
  • Fresh Kumamoto Oysters
  • Light Brine & Luscious Fruit Flavor
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
  • Iced and Packed Within 2 Hours of Harvest
  • Ready to Shuck and Enjoy
  • Ships Overnight & Arrives Fresh
  • Item Subject to Seasonal Availability

Sweet, fruity, and unintimidating. Kumamoto Oysters from World Port Seafood are a perfect introduction for oyster novices. Because of this – as well as their consistent mild briny flavor and honeydew finish – Kumies are considered the “Chardonnay of Oysters” by ostreaphiles (oyster aficionados). Kumamotos are oysters everyone can love. They’re recognizable by their highly sculptured, greenish fluted shells, and of course, their uniquely palatable sweet flavor.

While most oyster varieties are named for the area where they’re cultivated, Kumies are known as Kumamotos across the board. At World Port Seafood, we source our best-in-class, beach-grown Kumamoto directly from chilly mineralized waters of the fresh creeks that flow around the southern Puget Sound not far from Olympia, Washington. They are the highest-possible quality Kumies available… guaranteed. Following harvest, every oyster is kept at the optimum temperature while being carefully cleaned and prepped for shipment. They’re then packed to order in-house and shipped overnight in chilled insulated coolers.

Our Kumamoto Oysters arrive at your door live and as fresh as the moment they were harvested – time to break out your favorite beverage and start shucking. Perfect for an elegant dinner at home, impressive entertaining, or to give as a one-of-a-kind luxury gift – order today!

Why World Port Seafood?
Quality and freshness matter in seafood – whether you live along the coast or in Nebraska. World Port Seafood by Omaha Steaks gives you access to an unparalleled selection of expertly curated ocean-fresh fish fillets, shellfish, and more. We carefully choose every item we offer, and each one is held to our to exacting quality & safety standards. Our seafood comes from only the world’s top sources, and is always quickly frozen for true freshness and flavor, then delivered flawlessly – and fast. Confidence, quality, and convenience come in every cooler. Guaranteed.

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    Fresh Kumamoto Oysters(2 lbs)
    Fresh Kumamoto Oysters(2 lbs)
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